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Estate Planning Lawyer in Upland, CA

An estate plan is not just a piece of paper, it's a peace of mind.

Durable Financial

Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney authorizes your named agent (also known as your attorney-in-fact) to dispose of, sell, convey and encumber your real and personal property. You may choose for this document to become effective immediately from the moment it is signed or to become effective only if you become physically or mentally incapacitated, but ends upon your death. Let us help you prepare your Durable Power of Attorney in a way that best meets the needs of you and your family. Call us (909) 982-5187.

Transfer on Death
(TOD) Deeds

Transfer on Death deeds are new in California and are an effective way to transfer title of real estate to a beneficiary without the hassle of probate. This ensures your heirs have a place to live without contest after you pass away. Give us a call to see if

 a TOD deed is right for you and your family.

                                  Living Trusts
A Living Trust is a legal document that allows you to administer your assets for your benefit during your lifetime and then distribute your assets to your beneficiaries after you die. Living Trusts are a highly beneficial estate planning tool. If used correctly, a Living Trust allows your assets to avoid the probate process, thus saving your beneficiaries time and money. In addition, your affairs will be kept private and will not be subject to court proceedings during incapacity or after your death. Let us help you prepare your Living Trust in a way that best meets the needs of you and your family. Call us (909) 982-5187.

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A Will is a legal document that dictates the distribution of your assets and care of your minor children after your death. A Will can prevent your assets from being distributed to persons you do not wish to receive them. Consult with us and we will help ensure your Will meets all legal requirements and that your property is protected.Call us (909) 982-5187

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Advance Health

                         Care Directives
An advance health care directive informs your family and doctors of your health care preferences, including surgical procedures, organ donation, resuscitation, and any special treatment you want or don't want at the end of your life. This can help avoid unnecessary and expensive care that's a burden to you and your family. Contact us and we will help you get the quality of life you desire. Call us (909) 982-5187.